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Intelligence that Stimulates Better Business Decisions

Understanding your existing IP position and how it can be optimized is crucial to your overall business strategy. Collecting and analyzing critical competitive intelligence will help you build the insights required to confidently select your organization’s trajectory.


We excel at providing objective and comprehensive IP landscapes because of the importance we place on each project’s unique characteristics. Our seasoned analysts, with a broad range of industry expertise and knowledge, employ an approach that is both systematic and pragmatic, along with a keen devotion to understanding your core needs and challenges.


Our in-depth competitive analysis will allow you to make critical strategic decisions with confidence. We identify companies and patents of interest, accompanied with trends, insights, and potential business impacts.

White Space

Our approach will help uncover emerging opportunities, as well as opportunities that lie untapped within, adjacent to, and outside of your industry.

  • "Over several years, the Cognis Group team has supported our partnering, technology scouting, and IP analytics needs. Their team has developed a keen understanding of our industry, and has brought their knowledge to bear on some of our key R&D issues."

    Lynn Winterton

    Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

Intelligence that stimulates better decisions

IP Landscapes & Analytics

Our team has been identifying and delivering undiscovered "treasure" (white space) as well as key and emerging competitors for over 20 years.


of Intelligence

Competitive Benchmark

Identify top competitors, directly competing patents & potential infringement risks.

Risk Mitigation

Determine market size and potential for growth in various verticals using key indicators.

Industry Trends

Uncover potential partnering opportunities from market and competitive landscape information.

Case Studies

Landscaping Services describing Research Pipelines in Crop-Related Agricultural Business

The Cognis Group was retained by a major agribusiness to examine the intellectual property and scholarly literature as related to Soybean, a globally important agricultural crop. They wanted to be able to apply a reputable “external” process where they could most accurately assess areas of potential technical relevance from their point of view. They chose us because of our reputation in providing such detailed Landscaping services for clients across all business and technology areas.

The initial effort consisted of an overview landscape from which two commercially significant biotic stresses were identified. After insights generated during this overview were considered, these topics were studied more rigorously through separate “deep dive” projects. These detailed studies considered not just subject matter leadership and temporal trends present in patent and non-patent literature, but also focused on the competing approaches used to remedy the agricultural problems in question.

Individual opportunities and threats of interest, including emerging approaches and disruptive technologies, were also identified, enabling our client to strategically direct their ongoing research work and approach to innovation within the Soybean industry.

Technology & Market Assessment

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