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Our flagship global technology marketplace platform, showcases more than 23,000 life science technologies and thousands of companies and organizations spanning 110 countries. Whether scouting for technologies or marketing your own, Pharmalicensing helps to accelerate technology licensing and acquisition of novel technologies.

Discovery has over 23,000 life science technologies ranging from diagnostics and medical devices to therapeutics and research tools; all from companies and research instituions from around the world.


Each technology/opportunity on is meticulously curated to give you the best information available on your scouting journey. From detailed and illustrated descriptions to critical patent and clinical trial data, Pharmalicensing will help you identify opportunities that best fit your business strategy.


Take back your time and have targeted opportunities based on your specific needs, delivered to your inbox every week. Scouts from around the world find our technology feeds service to be one of the most valuable and important services on Pharmalicensing.


Ask us how our custom IP Landscaping and Foresight Research can provide
insight to help future-proof your strategic partnering decisions today.

Better Intelligence, Better Decisions.

Online Technology Marketplaces

Your global technology marketplace for the life science, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries, Pharmalicensing is the world's largest collection of licensable life science opportunities with a professional user base spanning 110 countries.

Technology Scouting & Intelligence

Prospect more than 22,000 life science technologies and thousands of companies and organizations in our global life science marketplace.

Targeted Technology

Define your criteria and have fresh, relevant results delivered directly to you each week automatically!

Global Technology Marketing

Put your organization and technologies in front of thousands of professionals reaching 110 countries! Strengthen your position and commercialization initiatives with the world as your platform.

Exposure, Leads,

Give your technologies global exposure Pharmalicensing and accelerate your journey to commercialization.

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Technology Feeds

Automatically have fresh, relevant opportunities delivered to your inbox.

Saved Opportunities

Easily select and save opportunities of interest into one or more collections.


Easily share opportunities of interest with colleagues or on social media.


Begin introductions by communicating directly with opportunity contacts.


Access patent information for each technology.

Clinical Trials

Updated clinical data for technologies currently in clinical trials.

Latest News

Stay on top of the latest news developing in the life sciences.


Register for life science conferences across the globe.

Get your technologies on Pharmalicensing

Our global technology marketplace platform will give your technologies exposure to top organizations and companies in 110 countries.

  • "Pharmalicensing is a well-known name in the industry as an online partnering tool which is why we first started to use the site. Pharmalicensing is generally regarded as one of the better sites in the industry to facilitate partnering. The service provides us with a convenient way to communicate our licensing opportunities to a wide audience"

    Dr. Jeremy Carmichael

    Astex Pharmaceuticals

Online Technology Marketplaces

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