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Technology Scouting

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Discover New Opportunities

It's important that you keep the wind in your sails in order to effectively forecast and/or source your next "big discovery". Let our experts identify opportunities on a global scale that best match your business objectives.


By guiding you through our proven approach to scouting, we will identify and analyze your needs to gain an intimate understanding of the project and timeline.


Our analysts will perfom several deep dives into the desired spaces and narrow down the field to the “best-fit ” solutions. Along with our “best-fit” solutions, we often identify solutions tangible to your project you may never have considered.


Once a solution accepted, we provide professional outreach to the solution provider(s) on your behalf to stimulate productive dialog and secure a deal.

Better Intelligence, Better Decisions.

Technology Scouting

With over 20 years of experience in a broad range of industries, our team of technology scouting experts and researchers will identify and deliver the critical technologies you seek.


Years of

Case Studies

In-Licensing – Company Transformation

We were engaged by an international investment firm to support a low-margin producer of bulk pharmaceuticals and hospital solutions in order to help build them into a higher-margin branded pharmaceutical company, marketing their products into the highest-value pharmaceutical products market in Eastern Europe.

We carefully crafted the strategic plan to transform the client company, including those steps by which the company would need to in-license/acquire already established brands from other companies, as well as divest elements of their original low-margin operations.

Based on the quality of the strategic plan, we were immediately engaged by the firm to execute the strategy. We worked hand-in-hand with the client to identify appropriate products to bring into the company, and supported the negotiation of the marketing and distribution rights for these products across the client’s core territories.

We continued to work with this client for eight years, over which time we enabled them to successfully in-license/acquire 20 products from seven different third-parties. Based on this updated portfolio, the client grew its pharma business from 25% to 100% of turnover. According to IMS rankings, the client’s reported sales during this period lifted them from 43rd to 14th place by sales volume across their entire marketplace.

Eventually the client company was acquired by a major multinational, at a significant profit to the original investment firm.

Technology Scouting

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