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Charting Your Course

Creating a map to potential partners sounds easy. But charting a course to successful introductions, engagements, and finalized partnering deals can be a very challenging set of tasks.


We provide expert evaluation of your company's technology and unique strengths. By understanding your company’s key challenges, needs, and goals, we ensure identification of potential partners that best align with your business objectives.


We perform in-depth evaluation and vetting of potential partners. Identifying critical compatibility factors is integral to creating alignments that are sustainable. That’s why we consider key factors such as company size, culture, strategy, governance, and willingness to collaborate into our evaluations.

it All Together

We excel at the coordination of introductions, meetings, and negotiations with target companies. Our seasoned experts successfully bring everyone to the table to begin discussions on the viability and expectations of the potential partnership.

  • "in our complexly regulated industry and nation, the devil is in the details. In navigating through this minefield, success might have been derailed… The diplomacy, tenacity, alacrity, and expertise that were consistently demonstrated by (you) were crucial in completing a transaction that has already accrued to the benefit of our shareholders. I look forward to our next acquisition..."

    Allen D. Allen

    CytoDyn, Inc.

Make better decisions

Strategic Partnering

For over 20 years, companies have leveraged our long-standing relationships and experience with many of the world's largest companies to identify, qualify, and reel-in strategic partnering potential to accelerate growth.


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Case Studies

Technology Evaluation, Partnering Search & Deal Negotiation – a Combined Solution

Our client, a US-based Nasdaq listed corporation, develop innovative thermal management solutions for the semiconductor, solar, and electronic packaging industries. Within their portfolio of products under development, they had a thermal cooling solution which they were seeking to commercialize, but were not sure how to achieve this objective.

approached the our team to create a Statement of Work based on our recognised experience in IP strategy and commercialization services, and engaged with us following our proposal of a multi-faceted project. The proposal outlined the evaluation of their thermal cooling technology against the international technology and competitive marketplace, followed by identification of and engagement with appropriate acquisition/licensing partners, and finally the coordination of deal negotiations to divest their IP.

We moved forward with the evaluation of the technology through the mining of relevant patent, literature, and competitive landscapes as they related to the IP in question, thereby analysing the technology marketplace for the client’s thermal cooling solution. This provided a clear understanding of how the technology was positioned in the global marketplace, how it overlaid with potentially competing technologies, and identified the technology’s unique selling points.

Based on the insights developed from the process above, we were able to identify, rank and reach out to potential monetisation partners for the technology through our Partnering Search services.

We engaged with several potential partnersand moved into early-stage negotiation with them. When it became apparent that our client clearly favoured one potential partner, we focussed our efforts on engaging with them, and were able to rapidly coordinate and complete the Deal Negotiation process on behalf of our client.

Based on our efforts, our client was able to rapidly divest the technology as a whole, thereby generating significant cash which was re-invested into the continuing development of the rest of their portfolio.This created additional shareholder value for them as a publically listed company.

Strategic Partnering

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