Our client has developed a digital signal processing algorithm and system that effectively removes undesired audio from television programming.

  • Rather than simply filtering the audio signal, the algorithm is able to identify the specific components of the offending audio signal and dramatically attenuate it.
  • This leaves the remaining audio signal, including dialogue, sound effects, and other desirable information, essentially unchanged.

Current Situation:

  • Many people have difficulty understanding the audio during television viewing.
  • Often, the “background” music, “emphatic” effects, or “laugh track” make it difficult to hear the dialogue and other sounds present in a show.
  • Audiences currently do not have an effective way to avoid these audio effects in their favorite shows unless they simply elect not to watch them.


  • Our client’s algorithm may be deployed in several ways, including in provider-side and client-side devices.
  • The algorithm has been developed, tuned, and validated in a software environment.
  • Proof of concept has been established, and the algorithm is ready to deploy in various commercial hardware / software environment.
  • The algorithm and associated technology are protected by a granted U.S. patent.

Partnership Opportunities:

  • Our client aims to partner with organizations interested in supporting the continued development and commercialization of their audio processing algorithms.
  • Our client is also interested in further developing their core technology in order to intelligently enhance or attenuate other components of audio signals in A/V content.
  • Partners are being sought with major market share in their respective segment in the United States.
  • Our client is willing to remain involved in the development process, if desired, and is available for consultancy to support the commercialization of this and other applications of the algorithm.