• ABSOLVE is a proprietary compound with two proven APIs with innovative dosing for weight loss.
  • This novel therapeutic stops hunger, appetite, and cravings, while increasing energy and metabolism.
  • Patients feel better and have little desire to eat.
  • ABSOLVE is extremely well tolerated, with no significant side-effects.
  • Both APIs have a decades long history of safe use and modest costs.
  • ABSOLVE leverages the unique synergistic effects of both APIs.


  • ABSCENT is a mucoadhesive nasal spray that temporarily blocks smell and taste.
  • The spray’s effects are purely topical, so no side effects other than the intended brief loss of smell and taste, which lasts for a few hours.
  • Tasteless foods are much less desirable to patients, hence, ABSCENT acts as a behavior modifier to directly affect food selections and meal portions.
  • ABSCENT leverages a unique and proprietary application technique and is more viscous and mucoadhesive than other nasal sprays, adding to its lasting efficacy.
  • ABSCENT’s two APIs that block olfaction are very commonly used in other applications.


  • Both ABSOLVE and ABSCENT have been evaluated in the clinic and have been more effective / better tolerated than other obesity therapeutics.
  • Average weight loss is 10 lbs. during the first month’s use (observed range = 4 lbs. to 15 lbs.) and 2 lbs. to 10 lbs. per month thereafter.
  • ABSOLVE’s APIs are both components of other diet medicines.


  • ABSOLVE is thus eligible for FDA 505(b)(2) approval.
  • ABSCENT has been fully formulated and developed with Summit Biosciences (Nasal Spray Specialty Pharmaceutical Manufacturer), in Lexington, Kentucky.
  • ABSCENT is currently PreIND – FDA 505(b)(2) Application filed with Camargo Pharmaceuticals, Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Utility Patent applications have been filed for both ABSOLVE and ABSCENT.