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James Noh, CEO
Seoul, South Korea

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Provide a hydrocolloid-form bio-patch which has warmth keeping ability, air permeability, is waterproof, and improved exudation absorption ability.

Description of Technology

Green rubber filled with hydrocolloid polymer and hydrophobic aerogel powder

Maintaining optimum wound temperature
Continuous absorption of exudate
Applicable to a wide range of wounds and various lesion including burns, atopic skin, etc.

Green rubber filled with hydrocolloid polymer and hydrophobic aerogel powderHigh humidity permeability and exudate absorption performanceLow density aerogel decrease the weight of hydrocolloid productHigh purulence absorption performance

By imparting hydrophilic group to the aerogel particle, hydrophilic channels which block considerably large size water droplet and let in moisture vapor are applied

Humidity permeability, waterproof performance imparted by the aerogel blocks invasion of water and bacteria, and create moist environment on wound area, which promotes healing and prevents scarring

Nano porous structure of aerogel enables continuous transmission and absorption of medicines and nutrients through skin

Type of Business Relationship Sought
Out license, Partnership

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