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BC201 is a combination of the peptide ingredient of VAL201 (a decapeptide currently in clinical testing for Oncology) with complementary active components to dampen this excessive immune response and consequently improve severe symptoms of Covid-19.

BC201 is a combination therapy for the treatment of patients with Coronavirus in development by a consortium of Valirx, Oncolytika and Black Cat Bio.

  • Combination of:
    • A SRC kinase-Androgen receptor interaction (SAI) inhibitor – VAL201 a decapeptide in clinical trials for prostate cancer
    • Long acting Niacin – for example extended formulation available, NiaSpan
    • DNAse – for example Pulmozyme
  • For immune system modulation/treatment of cytokine storm as well as direct anti-infective – combined approach to treat Acute Respiratory Distress
  • Prior safety data for all three components makes it a low risk combination
  • US provisional patent filing 1st June 2020 by Black Cat Bio Limited to cover the combination treatment

Description of Technology
The theoretical action of the peptide is two-fold, by blocking the Androgen Receptor mediated activity of SRC Kinase, the peptide is postulated to down-regulate the expression of TMPRSS2 a transmembrane protein believed to be required for Coronavirus cell entry; and by directly dampening the immune response.

Val201 – Src Kinase-Androgen Receptor Inhibition

  • Decapeptide mimetic in trials for hormone driven cancers
  • Efficient blocker of AR-Src Kinase SH3 domain association and autophosphorylation
  • Blocks Src activation, Src/Erk pathway activation, cyclin D1 expression and proliferation
  • Blocks (rapid) non-genomic signalling whilst maintaining genomic AR signalling
  • Less side effects than broad Src kinase inhibition

Inhibition of AR/Src association and downstream pathway activation is anticipated to block:

  • Viral cell binding – by reduced TMPRSS2 expression
  • Membrane associated protease primes SARS CoV 2 spike protein for ACE2 binding
  • Src promotes TMPRSS2 expression through AR mediated non-genomic signaling
  • Viral replication – viruses hijack cellular kinase machinery
  • Src inhibition blocks Dengue viral capsid protein and RNA production in-vitro
  • SH3 domain critical

NETosis – regulated by rapid kinase dependent transcription firing

  • Src, Erk1/2 and Akt as well as cyclin Dependent kinase (CDK4/6) implicated
  • Erk, Akt, cyclin are downstream of Src-AR activation, potential link NETosis to AR level

Patent filed June 2020.

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