Future of Life Sciences

Emerging Technologies Will Have Sweeping Impacts Technological changes in the life sciences will bring with them sweeping impacts across technological, economic, social, and political systems in coming decades. These impacts could, in

The Future of Food & Food Science

New Technologies Will Fundamentally Change Food Production   Key Findings Cellular agriculture, 3D printing, and genetically modified organisms are emerging to disrupt the food industry. Significant investments are from major players in

A Letter to all innovators

Let us help you clarify what innovation will need to be developed to prepare for future epidemics and pandemics before they evolve. The current mega crisis has our collective attention more acutely

Perils and Promises of the Coronavirus

In partnership with Techcast. For more information, sign up at https://BillHalal.com     Summary This report is a follow up from the initial report on Solving the MegaCrisis.  Now we present responses from the