15 years ago, Future in Focus published the linked Pandemic Forecast report which now proves critically relevant. The second scenario herein is highly accurate based on the events over the last number of months. We share this report with you to reinforce our position that it’s not just what’s around the corner that’s important, but understanding what could be 10, 15 or even 25 years into our futures; seeking to understand what we must start preparing for today.
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This leads us to the second report we’re sharing with a newly curated point of view on Superbugs as future-forward Pandemics. No one can say for sure right now, but we need to be aware and plan today, not tomorrow or “later on”, for whatever is coming our way.
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If the current COVID-19 crisis teaches us anything, it is that we need to get away from reactive and even short-term decision making triggers like those revolving around the next election cycle, or near term financial market gains. We need clear-eyed foresight driven longer-term decision making–thinking ten moves ahead on the chessboard of our existence.

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