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The present invention relates to a medical aspirator, and more particularly, to a device for draining blood or exudate generated in a surgical site, which is used in the field of hospitals and medical devices related to a recovery process after surgery.

Description of Technology

Currently used medical aspirator has a strong suction pressure due to the spring being pressed at the beginning of installation in Fig. 1, the suction pressure gradually becomes weaker as the spring is restored over time. At the beginning of suction, the pressure is too strong and there is a risk that the tissue of the surgical site may be injured or stented by the suction tube. additionally, the suction pressure may be too weak at the end of suction to properly discharge blood or exudates.  Therefore two inventions are proposed to solve the above problem.

The first invention is a medical suction unit with constant suction pressure using constant spring shown Fig 2. This device made it easier to use a constant force spring by changing the structure from spring-type to cylinder type and piston type, and there was little pressure change during suction due to friction between piston and cylinder. The constant force spring shows that the force increases linearly with the stroke as shown in Figure 3. In addition, the prices of springs and structures are less expensive than existing products, so they can be easily applied to products.

 The second invention is a medical suction unit with constant suction pressure using the outer screw thread connector as shown in Fig. 4. In order to deviate from the characteristics of the existing linear spring, a connection portion is formed with a thread. The force of the initial strong spring can be offset by the frictional force of the screw thread, thereby preventing the suction pressure from becoming too strong at the start of suction. In addition, the purpose is to provide a medical aspirator that can be easily used by female nurses by converting linear power into rotation when pressed.

Fig. 1 Pressure change with suction time of medical suction
Fig. 2 Medical suction unit with constant suction pressure using constant spring
Fig. 3 Pressure change with suction time of medical suction
Fig. 4 Medical suction unit with constant suction pressure using outer screw thread connector

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